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I am learning how to use a program so I can figure out how other people can do their jobs and show them the steps. Not so much 'train the trainer' as 'set up the buttons'.

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My facebook poke list is a who's who of who I'd like to sleep with again.
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If things are getting better, why am I so tired?
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Well, I was all geared up to tinker in the test environment today. Then The Stupid(™) happened.


Aug. 28th, 2017 08:56 am
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How can I feel so alone knowing there are people out there who love me?
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Talk to someone.
Write something.

Get it out.

But how do I keep it private? Cuz -someone- tends to lose her shit when things aren't readily and openly shared. Also when they are.
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Stupid LiveJournal.

STILL won't let me import all my posts even after removing all the voice posts.

It just hates me. :(
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 My patience for stupidity is getting dangerously small.
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Good conversation with my son during the drive and just in time for lunch. Then a nap.

I hope this afternoon goes better than my morning
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Mediacom sucks.

Three cheers for the neighbor with DSL and an open access point!

Day 1

Oct. 31st, 2008 07:56 pm
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Developmentally, he's probably slightly behind Celia (and speaks just about as clearly). Tried to act like he knows more than he actually does which is quite amusing considering how well-schooled this family is. His "hyperactivity" appears to simply be undirected energy.

Bit of a lesson for me too. Too used to my kids and their free-will. Need to provide more constant direction with this one (and possibly MiMi too). A lot more tired than I thought I would be.
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This morning, after having my basset hound Sebastian coughing alot of the night, Gail noticed a large tumor (segmented and bulbus on both sides of his teeth) encapsulating half of his upper palate. He has been doing some aniexty peeing and whining and wanting to be babyed over the last week. He has been grumpy and slow to eat. They had just looked at his teeth 6 weeks ago when we had him in for an eye infection, so the growth was very rapid as it wasn't there then.

Gail took him to the emergency vet this morning and from the start they knew it didn't look good. XRay showed it was in his throat, and behind his heart. Even the most invasive treatments would only give him a few months so she had him put to sleep this morning.

Johann Sebastian Bach Johnson Young Daniels: June 22, 1999 - December 6, 2007

He will be sadly missed.
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I can't count the number of times I've opened up this window and started to type something interesting and profound only to run out of time to finish. And, instead of leaving my brilliant thoughts cold and unfinished, I scrapped the whole thing saying "I'll finish it later."

And later never came.

And now that I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say, I have plenty of time to say it.

Ain't life funny that way?
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Mar. 6th, 2007 04:02 am
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It Never Comes Out Right
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Chamilionare - Ridin' Dirty
Erasure - How Many Times
Wierd Al - White and Nerdy
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She told me to pick up some tampons and that they'd be available at any store.

The guy at the hardware store wasn't very helpful finding them. I think I even heard him question my parentage.
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"We've been having problems with the data that you provided us recently. Attempts to correct the data have not worked. Instead of trying to fix the results that have been sent already, can we start fresh and have you compile a new updated file for us?"
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Searching so long
I was lost in the clouds,
trying to stay strong
and make You proud.
Took me some time
but now i see
that He resides in me.
-- Lucacris
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It would seem I'm impressing people with my unconventional thinking and programming prowess again. Unfortunately, for all you non-techies out there, I shall not be providing a translation.

For Techno-geeks only! )

Long story short, I greatly outdid myself and, as a result, there were lots of kudos and "That's really good!"s being tossed in my general direction.

I rule. *insert happy dance*
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